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When we're not pushing our bodies to the limit on the mountain, we can often be found pushing our bodies to the limit in the pub! We organise a number of social events throughout the year, including the alcohol-fueled self-destruction of our annual Everest Challenge bar crawl, annual pub meals, BBQs and Christmas dinners, as well as relaxing day walks around the local area.

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Everest Challenge Hall of Fame

2020: Eloise & Sam

2019: Chris & Izaak

2018: Ed & Dave

Bevathlon Hall of Fame

World Record: 52:51 (The Four Must-Get-Beers).

2020: The Four Must-Get-Beers (Ryan, Dan, Josha & Nico): 52:51

2019: Rainbow Coalition of Chaos (Sid, Veronica, Ed & Nico): 59:13

2018: Coalition of Chaos (Sid, Veronica, Dylan & Nico): 1:12:00

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