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Club Climbing

Come join us for our weekly climbing session!

As mountaineers, many of us naturally enjoy climbing. It's challenging, fun, social and great for building strength and endurance. Our Captain James Buxton will organise informal climbing sessions at the Warwick Sports Centre climbing wall. Keep an eye on our socials for updates!


Many of our members climb regularly. Newcomers are highly encouraged to join! No prior experience is needed for bouldering; shoes can be rented at the sports centre.  


Do note however that climbing (as opposed to bouldering) is only allowed if Warwick Sport have signed you off as a safe belayer. If you would also like to do some climbing but have no prior experience, Warwick Sports centre offers introductory courses that cover the basics of staying safe on the climbing wall.  


Please also note that teaching newcomers how to climb does not fall within the remit of our club; a far more comprehensive introduction to the sport of climbing is offered by the Warwick University Climbing Club. 

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