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Scotland Tour

Each year at the end of December or the start of January, the club organises a trip to the Scottish Highlands for some accessible winter mountaineering. This week is without doubt the highlight of our year. Winter walking in the Scottish Highlands is truly special and an experience you really do not want to miss. 


Previous Winter mountaineering experience is not necessary to come on the trip. However, we do require all participants to attend the club's nav training sessions in term 1, as well as a BMC Winter Lecture.  Also, if this is your first taste of Winter mountaineering then you need to do a beginners' course on the first day of the week. This course will be organised by the Tour Sec and given by a professional instructor. For more experienced members there will be the option to do an advanced course.​

Click here for a general Scotland Tour kit list.

The 2023/24 Tour

This years Scotland Tour will be happening from the 28th of December to the 4th of January. More details will be released soon, including dates and location. 

Please email if you would be interested in driving on this trip, or have any other tour related questions.

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