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How to Join

Warwick Mountains is one of a multitude of sports clubs at Warwick, and joining requires a few steps.

To join any sports club, you need to get Sports Federation membership (£32 - you will be prompted to add this to your basket on the SU website if not already done so), and pay the club's joining fee. For our club this is just £6. This money comes straight to the club so that we can continue to run and put on all of the great trips that we organise every term.

We are classed as an 'off-campus' sports club, so if you are joining our club and none of the others, all that remains is to get an off-campus Warwick Sport Club Pass (£31). And that's it! You will now be a full student member.

However, if you joined other sports clubs already and already paid the Sports Federation Fee and either the on-campus or off-campus pass, you can join our club by just getting the £6 membership.

As a member you will get emails giving you the info on upcoming trips and any other important info about the club

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