Club Run

Both during and outside of term time, some of our members like to keep fit on the weekly club run. This is an informal, social and non-competitive way to improve fitness or procrastinate from work. While a select few of us are seasoned runners, most people coming to club run just like the occasional social run. 

Do not worry if you don't normally run; we usually split up into groups of different speeds. We strongly encourage people of all abilities to join! Added bonus: the scenery near campus can be pretty nice.

The club run usually leaves from the Sports Centre entrance foyer at 3:15 pm or 5:15 pm on Wednesdays, the time depending on the time the sun sets. Check our Facebook group for regular updates, and make sure to log your progress on our Strava page! 


For those looking for a more competitive side, some members of our club are also involved in orienteering. Check out our page here.

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