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Covid-19: Day Trips are happening


Due to covid-19 restrictions, we are not able to run weekend trips in Term 1. However, we are planning to run four day trips instead! For this we will be using our own vehicles as much as possible. Do you have a car on campus? Contact us and earn a free trip!


We are committed to exploring as many options as possible when it comes to allowing everyone to access the outdoors and are determined to makes these trips happen in some shape or form.


 In the meantime, our regular events, such as the Club run, and Club Climbing will still be running from mid-late September, and all throughout the academic year to provide a platform to meet likeminded, outdoors oriented people in a relaxed environment. These activities will be accompanied by online, and hopefully outdoor, socials to try and continue to foster a sense of community in these bizarre times. For offline events, we ask you to sign up using the following form: .

Before term gets underway, do keep an eye on our Facebook and Insta, where we'll be posting pics of previous trips, pretty local views and walks, and links to more info on how to get involved and get outdoors when possible. 


How to be a mountaineer during lockdown: tips & tricks from the exec


Disclaimer: I have exactly zero rights over the logos or music used, though I imagine the owners will understand their use in the spirit that was intended..

























Since we can no longer head out onto the hills ourselves, why not get your mountaineering fix by learning about other people’s adventures? Here’s some pictures my dad sent me of him and his mates in 1982 on the Lewis Glacier and Point Lenana on Mt. Kenya. Check out that quality safety gear!

I’ll attach a link to some videos that are freely available from the Banff Film Festival to help ease your boredom and bring back some psych. Post your own photos and videos in the comments below!

Stay safe everyone!


It's time to get your mountaineering fix in a more literal sense this week, by patching up all of your neglected gear. Remember, duct tape heals all wounds.




I've unfortunately left the majority of my books at home, but if you can get your hands on any of these hopefully that'll take your mind off being stuck inside in such gorgeous weather!

My personal favourite is Stephen Venables' Everest, Kangshung Face, if only for the ace photo of the author!

Post any that you'd recommend in the comments. Happy reading!


Make endless playlists to reflect the fun times you had in mountains!! (Or the fact that music offers a sweet escape to a time when you were allowed outdoors)

Epic tunes are an integral part of any trip, and everyone has that one new song you heard on the bus.

So with that in mind we've started a collaborative playlist so everyone can add their favourite songs, either from past trips or what they want to hear in future.

Also add any playlists you want to share in comments. Please, for the love of god I need new material

Happy mixing




I would like to present some Strava Art. Go out for a walk, run or cycle and get creative. Here is a 38 km cycle from Tile Hill from a few weeks back.
Who knew exercising could be fun and creative at the same time?

For inspiration:

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