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Mountain Marathons

Mountains Marathons are races of epic proportions. To complete a mountain marathon successfully, it takes nav skills, endurance, grit and, quite frankly, the ability to withstand misery in pursuit of an arbitrary goal. 


Each year we enter several teams into the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon). This is basically orienteering on a bigger scale: the event spans two days, during which you have to carry everything you need for the days and to camp for a night. Participants in the long score course typically cover between 25 and 50 km per day. 

There are various other similar events throughout the year, such as the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. There are courses of varying difficulty at all these events, so even those with limited experience can take part. 

The 2019 OMM

The 2019 OMM was meant to be a particularly grim one, set in the Clyde and Muirshiel National Park, a bog West of Glasgow that is unremarkable in every way. The hills are all about 500m tall, they look identical, and all that grows on them is grass and heather. No paths, no landmarks. Oh, and did I mention it was boggy? It was boggy to the point that actually the entire park was a giant bog. Wet feet from start to finish. However, the weather gods were unusually generous, and we got to enjoy some sunshine during the day, with views onto the sea!

Former WM presidents Oscar and Dave absolutely outdid themselves to finish 8th in the long score course (out of 168 teams)! As far as we're aware this is the best ever result for a WM team. Well done lads!

Thanks to a particularly good Sunday run, Matt and Josha also managed to secure a top spot in 15th place. Lauren and Charlotte also did a great job despite ankle problems. A special mention must go out to Sam and Alan, who had a brilliant run despite losing their tent poles on Saturday. Their tent kept up by branches was a feat of engineering far ahead of its time.

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